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Holiday LED Badges

Arduino IDE programmable LED badges

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  • 3v - 6v DC
  • Battery or USB powered
  • Programmed with the Arduino IDE
  • Dimensions (apporx, depending on the design): 79mm x 41mm x 1.6mm
  • 7 Preprogrammed patterns


The PCB file is in Eagle format, and can be found on github: (Coming soon!)

What's on the board

The front has all the multiplexed LEDs. The CPU, some bypass caps and the current limiting resistors.

The back has the battery connector and switches.

The parts are all large enough that they can be easily soldered by hand, even if you have only a small amount of experience.


Coming soon to GitHub

The firmware is written in the Arduino IDE. The whole project has been focused on keping the device low powered. The microcontroller is the ATMega204/402 family running at 1MHz. Using direct port maniulation to be able to implement PWM to change the LED brightness.


Prototype 2

White Soldermask

This is the latest prototype which is approaching the final design. Right now looking for feedback from potential users, and producing testing versions of the badge.

Prototype 1

Green Soldermask

After building a working prototype, it was time to make a schematic and board to ensure all the connections are correct.